Vegan Writing Services

As a vegan, I LOVE working with like-minded companies, causes, and individuals. To facilitate these relationships, I offer a special rate: $95 per hour (versus my standard $125).

It’s so important that the movement put its best foot forward through copy and communications, and I’m eager to offer my assistance anywaty I can. My vegan writing services can be used to craft website copy, write blog posts, spin press releases, draft executive bios, create social media content — or meet any other writing need.

Whether you’re a vegan entrepreneur, job-seeking professional, established brand, or activist group — I’d be thrilled to offer you my vegan writing services.

Please drop me a line and introduce yourself! Send an email to or use the form below.

Congrats to being on the best team EVER — where the only membership criteria is compassion. 😉  (For more of my vegan-specific work, check out my pet project:



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