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The Minimalists: Five Ways to Be Happy With Less Stuff

Stuff. So much of our lives are spent wanting it, buying it, trying to keep it. We work 60-hour workweeks so we can fill our drawers and purses and closets and storage units and attics with stuff. We take pictures of our stuff to post on Instagram, spend weekends picking out more stuff to buy, talk about our stuff at cocktail parties.

Sure, we need some stuff. We need to eat stuff, use stuff, and wear stuff (in polite society, anyway). But how much stuff do we really need? And how much of our stuff actually brings value to our lives? That’s the question Ohioans Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus began asking themselves when, in their late 20s, they realized they were outwardly successful but inwardly miserable.

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Five Wines for Five Occasions From Master Sommelier Larry Stone

If you’re anything like the rest of us in the First World, you’ve spent many panicked minutes scanning the shelves of a liquor store before heading to a party. Choosing the right booze is one of those etiquette skills most of us never learn, leaving us the loser who always shows up with a bottle of Korbel.

So to help guide you on the path to superlative wine selection, we spoke to award-winning master sommelier Larry Stone. Stone is hosting an über-upscale, five-course wine dinner at the Fontainebleau’s Gotham Steak tonight, and we took advantage of his appearance to avail ourselves of his vast vino knowledge. Get his two cents on the perfect wines for specific occasions — from popping the question to buying your boss’ good favor to meeting the parents — after the jump.

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Why Broward County needs a food policy council

Like most issues in our labyrinthian modern lives, the concept of eating locally can be a lot more complicated than it looks. From a lack of local farms to dubious sourcing by supermarkets, it can be tough for consumers to make the right decisions, even with the best of intentions behind them.

Michael Madfis, owner of Fort Lauderdale Vegetables and advocate for decentralized farming, thinks that one of the key elements to upping our consumption of locally grown food is to start a Food Policy Council (FPC). An FPC is, essentially, a group of stakeholders from different food-related sectors that examine how the food system is operating and figure out how to improve it. And Madfis thinks South Florida needs one, stat.

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Les Miserables movie review

For fans of the epic, enduring stage spectacular Les Miserables, a movie version worth watching has been a long time coming. And because of the play’s enduring popularity, the movie’s all-star cast and the preemptive Oscar buzz – the hype for its Christmas Day opening was undeniably huge.

But realistically, could the flick ever live up to its fevered expectation?

I’m a lifelong Les Miz fan(atic) – a tradition passed down from my parents before me. My father scored us seats on Broadway just ahead of NYC’s millennium celebration, and it made my little teenage heart swell to twice its size. Like so many others, I was waiting with baited breath and absurdly high expectations to see this year’s big screen incarnation.

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Food fails list

When it comes to our favorite brands, it seems we’re more likely to remember the epic successes (Doritos Locos Tacos anyone?) than the equally epic failures. But failures, there are aplenty.

Dangerous, disgusting, or just plain absurd, these gastronomic gaffes may be fun to laugh at now, but it wouldn’t be so amusing if we were all forced to drink New Coke, now would it?

From Four Loko to KFC’s Double Down, here’s our round up of some of the food industry’s most notorious creations.

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Miami Book Fair preview

Every fall, as eagerly as we await 75 degree temperatures and a break in our AC bills, Miami’s bibliophiles anticipate the literary amusement park known as the Miami Book Fair International. And for all those bookworms champing at the bit, there’s good news: the nearly 300-strong author attendee list has officially been released — and it’s chock full of big names.

Some of the most notable include young adult horror kings Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine, actress (and new author) Molly Ringwald, conservative mouthpiece Bill O’Reilly, pop culture critic Tom Wolfe (who was announced back in June) and bestselling novelist James Patterson, all plugging their newest tomes.

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John Corbett interview for New Times’ Cultist blog

If you’re a woman who came of age sometime in the last 20 years, chances are the mere mention of John Corbett makes you swoon. For some, the name sparks fond memories of Chris Stevens in Northern Exposure; for others, it’s Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City. Either way, the hearts, they tend to throb.

And eight years after the final frame of Sex and the City faded away, he’s still wowing women with his salt & pepper beard and dulcet vocals. And he’s doing stuff for charity, to boot.

Cultist caught up with Corbett as he kicked off the Kiehl’s LifeRide for amFar, a nine-day celebrity motorcycle ride to benefit HIV/AIDS research. In the back room of Kiehl’s jam-packed Lincoln Road location, we chatted him up about motorcycles, female fans and the allure of made for TV movies.

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Best vegetarian sandwiches for New Times’ Short Order blog

Sandwich options for the meatless among us are sadly lackluster. Grilled cheese, PB&J, BLT minus the B? We’re missing the creativity, the oomph – the drive for tantalizing flavor combos you find in meatier selections.

Luckily, even in meat-crazy Miami, the vegetarian choices are expanding as we speak. And there are several sammie shops across the MIA that offer options so scrumptious you won’t even miss the meat.

On that note, here are our five favorite vegetarian sandwich options. Eat up, herbivores.

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Humor guide for New Times’ Cultist blog

While some believe flower children vanished with the advent of the Internet, for many, the Age of Aquarius lives on. Commonly known as hippies, these patchouli-scented throwbacks spread the love wherever they roam. Creatures of the counterculture, they’re most commonly discovered west of the Mississippi — in the streets of Haight-Ashbury, the sands of Venice and the boardwalk of Santa Cruz. But occasionally, plastic peace signs and Grateful Dead tunes can yet be found in the swamps of South Florida.

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Brand narrative for marketing proposal

South of all you know, across the vast blue ocean, a place like no other awaits. Far from the constraints of the mainland, the Hawaiian Islands’ caressing breezes evoke ancient enchantments. The same magic that enveloped ancient kings surrounds you. Step off the plane; you are charmed. At once, you are an islander. You are home.

Flip flops, sundresses and flowered shirts replace shoes, suits and ties. The hours slow and a peaceful rhythm permeates your days. No rush, no hurry, no incessant demands. Island time is upon you.

From one island to another, warm tropical breezes stir the air, rustling leaves and flowing skirts. The scent of plumeria and pikake hang heavy all around. Palm trees wave and rustle. The lush greenery and limpid blue skies are a constant reminder of your equatorial escape.

Though it is enough to revel in the islands’ beauty; they’re lush greenery, dramatic volcanic cliffs and impossibly blue water, you’ll be moved to explore the wonders of their ancient history. Try your hand at the graceful glory of surfing; soar like an uncaged bird in a parasail; dive beneath azure waves to the colorful habitat deep below. Opportunities to be amazed are all around you.

Each island across Hawaii embodies Aloha, in its own singular way. You can gaze on the majesty of humpback whales off the coast of Maui; meander through the ancient forests of Kauai; sit beachside for the charms of a luau on Oahu; climb the steep volcanic slopes of the Big Island; bask in the pristine wilderness of Molokai or turn back time on the dirt roads of Lanai.

You discover the fabric of a remarkable culture. You learn to speak words that once left the lips of former kings. You embrace ohana, and those you meet are new family. Hospitality is ingrained in the soul of this place – an unsurpassed ability to embrace visitors as friends.

Foreign yet familiar, these rare lands are the embodiment of old and new. This sense of the past dovetails with a vibrant and cosmopolitan culture where it’s possible to shop at the most elite stores, visit world-class museums, dine at unsurpassed gourmet restaurants and still feel immersed in the timeless cycle of tide in/tide out; of breaking waves upon a snow-white beach.

From the soft steps of a hulu wahine to the bold new sounds of a local band, modern creativity meets timeless tradition. The islands are steeped in mo’olelo – the ways and wisdom of generations past. But excitement and modernity will captivate you, too.

Once you feel the force of these enchanted lands, you’ll never be the same again. And the islands await, always.