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Remembering Gordon

Gordon, also known as Downtown Gordon Gecko, GordonBurger or Burger Boy, was born on June 6, 1998, in a Missouri puppy mill to a miniature poodle mom who wasn’t as lucky as he was.

For 16 ½ years, Gordon explored new cities, chowed down at every opportunity and was the best boy anyone could ever ask for.

At six months old, Gordon was discovered in a Fort Lauderdale pet store, about to be shipped out of state due to his advancing age. When Laine, his adoptive mom, picked him up, he latched his paw onto her shoulder and never let go. It was love.

When his father, Jack, first moved in with the family, Gordon protested by barking incessantly for days. Eventually, however, he fell madly in love, and adored his dad forever after.

Gordon was a mover and shaker, planting his fuzzy butt and handsome mug in cities from Fort Lauderdale to Hoboken to Jersey City to El Portal. He even went up in the World Trade Center and spent time South of the Border. In his younger years, he was fast as lightning, and adored a good beach run.

As his nicknames suggest, he loved burgers, and always looked forward to his birthday Whopper, complete with a candle or fancy drink umbrella. On his last birthday, he devoured his beef patty with all the enthusiasm of a dog half his age.

In his later years, Gordon’s devil-may-care attitude about life was an inspiration. He did whatever he pleased (wherever he pleased) and indulged his legendary appetite for life, always eager to greet a new day and squeeze in as many naps as possible.

A hardy little guy despite his origins, Gordon was never sick a day in his life — right up until the very end. He was a confidante to his mom, a devoted son to his dad, a cuddle companion to his sister, Dora. He left this world in the gentle presence of those who loved him the most.

Gordon was preceded in death by his beloved brothers Groucho and Buddy. He’ll take his place at Pet Heaven alongside them, and the three will be together again.

Gordon leaves behind a doting mother and father, Laine and Jack, a brother, Harry, and three sisters, Molly Moo, Dora and Roxy. They will miss his sweet face and soft poodle crest forever.

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” —Will Rogers

A Tribute to Wolfey

Wolfman Jack, or Wolfey as he was better known, was a shaggy black mutt and former pound puppy who stole the hearts of his family with his gentle nature, zest for life and popcorn-catching prowess.

From the moment his mom and two-year-old human sister picked him up from the pound, Wolfey’s joy was palpable. A jumper, a player, a lifelong chaser of squirrels, he loved all people, and children in particular.

Wolfey was an avid barker, a tennis ball aficionado and at heart, a country dog. He loved sniffing at streams, running through gardens and pawing through leaves in the woods of New Hampshire. Later in life, he could be spotted loping through the hills of Napa Valley.

During difficult times, Wolfey was a tireless shoulder to cry on and a constant comfort to his little sister when she was sad. His fur was better than a box of tissues – and he shed his thick black hair in massive quantities. His family’s favorite rhyme was “Wolfey hair is everywhere!” Even on the ceiling.

Stubborn and opinionated, Wolfey had a mind of his own. Famously, he’d hop on the bed the minute his human family left the house, despite his mom’s protestations.  Car rides made him crazy — he’d bark, drool and howl, but he was an adventurer and loved trips of any kind.

Wolfey gave his family plenty of scares, from employing escape artist antics to getting hit by a car. But even the accident didn’t cramp his style – he was always eager to meet another day.

One of Wolfey’s brightest moments was his 15th birthday party — a festive tribute to his life that had him seated at a table as the guest of honor. He wore a party hat, ate a birthday cake and ice cream (his favorite) and eagerly tore open presents with his paws. He was beside himself with joy.

In his later years, Wolfey’s teeth chattered and his fur wore thin, but his spirit never did. He was as full of enthusiasm his last day on earth as he was when he rode home with his family from the shelter — an example of a life well lived. And while he never achieved his lifelong dream of catching a squirrel, he came very, very close.

Wolfey passed on painlessly at the age of 17 in the company of his Auntie Aleta. He lived a long life and taught us many lessons. May he run like a gust of wind from now until forever.

“Everything I know, I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts

In Memory of Mystic

Mystic was a lover of laser pointers, tuna and stuffed animals twice his size. A cat with a hearty appetite for food, life and love, he spent 16 years bringing joy and affection into the lives of everyone who knew him.

A mama’s boy from day one, Mystic started life as a flea market adoptee, infested with fleas, ringworm and an indomitable will. Six months-worth of daily baths and lots of loving care later, he was a picture of Persian good looks — a fluffy black coat, bright green eyes and tufts of white fur on his face, chest and paws.

Mystic loved catnip, TV time with his family, watching boats from the balcony and occasionally, humping his stuffed animal friends.

Always a good sport, Mystic disliked grooming, car rides and moving — but endured them like a champ (other than an occasional nip at his hairstylist). He bore his cancer diagnosis the same way. His tireless spirit and zest for life, even after his amputation, inspired many. Life on three legs didn’t faze Mystic. Warrior kitty, his mama called him.

For 16 years, he comforted his family when they were sad, served as occasionally-bullying-but-mostly-loving brother to his Persian sister Creme and was his mama’s constant companion. He gave great kisses, even better snuggles and loved curling his leg around his mommy’s arm. He begged at the dinner table and drank water out of the bidet. He was a purring machine.

Mystic spent his last weeks being showered with love and affection, devouring delicious food and letting his mama know how much he adored her. On April 29, 2014, he peacefully passed on in her arms.

While his furry body is no more, his spirit lives on with surviving family members: mother Michelle, father Dominic, human sister Danielle and feline siblings Creme de la Creme, Boozie, Cosmo and Luna. He will be forever loved and forever missed.

“I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” – Jules Verne