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We’re not your grandma’s marketing agency. We’re your rebel with a cause, go big or go home, full speed ahead kinda firm.

In an ever-changing industry, you need an agency that adapts. We predict the trends before they happen. Hell, we MAKE the trends before they happen.

We’re always ten steps ahead, ten leaps ahead – better still, ten light years ahead. We’re chameleons, bridging the digital divide, bringing destinations into the 21st century and beyond.

Just ask our clients. Check out our work. Follow our footprint through social media.

Brand narrative for marketing proposal

South of all you know, across the vast blue ocean, a place like no other awaits. Far from the constraints of the mainland, the Hawaiian Islands’ caressing breezes evoke ancient enchantments. The same magic that enveloped ancient kings surrounds you. Step off the plane; you are charmed. At once, you are an islander. You are home.

Flip flops, sundresses and flowered shirts replace shoes, suits and ties. The hours slow and a peaceful rhythm permeates your days. No rush, no hurry, no incessant demands. Island time is upon you.

From one island to another, warm tropical breezes stir the air, rustling leaves and flowing skirts. The scent of plumeria and pikake hang heavy all around. Palm trees wave and rustle. The lush greenery and limpid blue skies are a constant reminder of your equatorial escape.

Though it is enough to revel in the islands’ beauty; they’re lush greenery, dramatic volcanic cliffs and impossibly blue water, you’ll be moved to explore the wonders of their ancient history. Try your hand at the graceful glory of surfing; soar like an uncaged bird in a parasail; dive beneath azure waves to the colorful habitat deep below. Opportunities to be amazed are all around you.

Each island across Hawaii embodies Aloha, in its own singular way. You can gaze on the majesty of humpback whales off the coast of Maui; meander through the ancient forests of Kauai; sit beachside for the charms of a luau on Oahu; climb the steep volcanic slopes of the Big Island; bask in the pristine wilderness of Molokai or turn back time on the dirt roads of Lanai.

You discover the fabric of a remarkable culture. You learn to speak words that once left the lips of former kings. You embrace ohana, and those you meet are new family. Hospitality is ingrained in the soul of this place – an unsurpassed ability to embrace visitors as friends.

Foreign yet familiar, these rare lands are the embodiment of old and new. This sense of the past dovetails with a vibrant and cosmopolitan culture where it’s possible to shop at the most elite stores, visit world-class museums, dine at unsurpassed gourmet restaurants and still feel immersed in the timeless cycle of tide in/tide out; of breaking waves upon a snow-white beach.

From the soft steps of a hulu wahine to the bold new sounds of a local band, modern creativity meets timeless tradition. The islands are steeped in mo’olelo – the ways and wisdom of generations past. But excitement and modernity will captivate you, too.

Once you feel the force of these enchanted lands, you’ll never be the same again. And the islands await, always.

Marketing copy for B2B website

JB Inc. believes in bucking the trends. The concept: Forget the status quo. “Best practices” is a tired cliche. Start fresh. Don’t follow the trends – create them. Use the incredible fluidity of the web to create new standards of excellence.

The result: A boutique agency with the sole purpose of mentoring organizations to build creative, intelligent and innovative web programs. Our mission is to educate and develop thought-leaders in an effort to better our economy, environment and create a better, more integrated world for the next generation.

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