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50 habits for a happy life.

Life can feel frustrating. Maddening. Insanity-inducing, even. At times, happiness and contentment may seem achievable only in your wildest dreams.

But the best part about being human is the capacity for self-empowerment. You have the ability to change your state of mind and in turn, your entire experience.

In other words, there are ALWAYS options. You’re not stuck or helpless or at the mercy of mercurial forces beyond your control. Fantastic news, right?

As it turns out, the smallest of changes can add up to the biggest of transformations. So, if you want to get happier, here are 50 habits to start implementing, like, yesterday.

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Happiness 101 coming to edx

You probably learned a number of useful things in school: reading, writing, arithmetic. But no matter how fantastic your teacher, it’s doubtful that “How to be happy” was included in the lesson plan.

Luckily, it’s never too late. September marks the inaugural run of The Science of Happiness, a free online class for happiness seekers worldwide.

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