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Raw milk movement grows amid push to ease regulation

Jessie Grinnan, a stay-at-home mom from Palm Beach County, Fla., pays $13 a gallon for milk – and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Grinnan drinks raw, unpasteurized cow’s milk that she buys at a local farm. “It’s a full milk,” she says, “so it’s not watery and it’s not bland. It’s delicious, actually, and I’m not a huge milk drinker.”

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Boatbound is Airbnb for Boats

Everyone knows Airbnb is the best thing since, well, smartphones. But because boats win over everything, Boatbound might be even better.

This peer-to-peer boat rental platform means you can live the proverbial Miami lifestyle without the upkeep costs. This relatively new startup allows you to rent a seaworthy craft anytime you want, no strings attached.

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Animal Planet pit bull coverage & Shorty Rossi interview

With shows like Pit Boss and Pit Bulls and Parolees as part of their programming, Animal Planet has done more than a little to showcase the work of pit bull rescuers and change misconceptions about the breed. And in their latest effort to promote these pups, the cable channel has packed their annual ode to cuteness — the Puppy Bowl — with mini versions of the much-maligned pooches.

This year’s utterly adorable starting lineup features two purebred pit bulls and four pit bull mixes out of a total of 31 pups. With those kind of numbers, they’re definitely making a statement.

But were the bowl to take place in Miami, these six fluffy balls of fur wouldn’t be allowed, thanks to Dade County’s 20-plus-year ban on pit bulls. Efforts to overturn the legislation failed in a ballot measure last year. Meanwhile, Miami-Dade is the only county in Florida with an active ban, and cities like Cincinnati have recently voted to overturn similar BSL.

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Ringling Brothers abuse investigation

For decades, the nation’s largest animal rights organizations have been fighting ferociously to stop circuses from utilizing wild animals in their performances. From PETA to the ASPCA to ARFF, these groups argue that such practices are abusive, unnatural and antiquated.

But for the profiteers, the show must go on, and the biggest target of these group’s efforts,Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, opened in Miami this week. At last night’s debut, protesters planned to greet big top guests with leaflets, graphic images and pleas to take their dollars elsewhere. But what are the facts behind the accusations against “The Greatest Show on Earth” and other circuses like them?

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Best vegetarian sandwiches for New Times’ Short Order blog

Sandwich options for the meatless among us are sadly lackluster. Grilled cheese, PB&J, BLT minus the B? We’re missing the creativity, the oomph – the drive for tantalizing flavor combos you find in meatier selections.

Luckily, even in meat-crazy Miami, the vegetarian choices are expanding as we speak. And there are several sammie shops across the MIA that offer options so scrumptious you won’t even miss the meat.

On that note, here are our five favorite vegetarian sandwich options. Eat up, herbivores.

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Summer cocktails list for New Times’ Short Order blog

What is it about summer that so begets boozing? The sizzling temps, the skimpy clothes, the longer days, and sweltering nights — all just goad you to get a good buzz going.

So in the interest of summer imbibing, Short Order spoke to mixologists at some of Miami’s most creative bars for a few refreshing recipes you can create at home.

Cheers to what’s sure to be one hot summer.

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Miami Heat art round-up for New Times Cultist blog

What have you done for your Miami Heat lately? Cheered them on from your couch? Spilled beer on yourself while pointing out missed fouls at Will Call? Bitched about Spoelstra on sports talk radio?


When it comes to professional athletics, rabid fandom knows no bounds. Truly die-hard supporters are willing to take it to the limit in celebration of their chosen team, be it through homo-erotic tribute tattoos, custom Crown Victorias or body paint (sans anything else). But aside from people engaged in ridiculous, often-distracting antics that involve personal glory (we’re looking at this guy), some of these fan-atics actually have talent and choose to channel that energy into more aesthetically appealing pursuits.

Art feature for the New Times’ Cultist blog

It’s a good time to be an artist in Miami. First, Americans for the Arts announced that Miami-Dade county spent upwards of $1 billion on cultural events in 2010. And now, it’s looking like that number will only increase in the coming years.

ArtPlace, a philanthropic collaboration between the National Endowment for the Arts, the Knight Foundation, and various other monied organizations, has awarded grants totaling $745,000 to members of Miami’s creative set.

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Miami New Times event preview

Admit it — a knock-down, drag-out battle royal gets your bloodlust boiling. And when you add wheels to that hip-checking and shoulder-slamming, even better. So indulge your barbarous desires with a night out in support of Miami’s flat-track derby team, the Vice City Rollers. This conglomeration of chicks on wheels will go skate-to-skate against the Dub City Roller Girls, belles of the brawl visiting from West Palm Beach in their second game of the season. Founded in 2011, our hometown team is bringing kickass back to South Florida and helping local charities to boot. Derby newbies can learn the ropes (or rather, the ring) and watch these femmes power-jam their way to victory.

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Dining list for New Times’ Short Order blog

Bottomless booze is a beautiful thing. And nothing says Sunday morning hangover cure like free-flowing bubbles (or bloodies). Lucky for the lush among us, there are lots of Miami brunch spots offering weekend libations to soothe that queasy stomach and bring back that pleasant buzz.

So next time Saturday night’s festivities leave you a little worse for the wear, here’s a lineup of eateries where you can get your day drinking on. Cheers.

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