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Despite the thrilling exploits that have spammed the breadth of human history, the topic can be deathly dull, particularly in the context of freshman core. For many people, their only experience with historical events is via overtired teachers and textbooks.

But when it comes to the work of writer Erik Larson, what put us to sleep in high school will have us clutching our Kindles in sheer suspense: such is his power to tell a compelling story. The bestselling author has tackled many of history’s most notorious events, from the inner workings of the Third Reich (In the Garden of Beasts) to the serial killer at large during the Chicago World’s Fair (The Devil in the White City). His latest book, Dead Wake, revolves around the tragic sinking of the Lusitania passenger liner in 1915, and it offers an account like most of us never imagined.

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Alicia Silverstone on Kind Living, Picky Kids, and Seed Food & Wine Festival

It’s likely you know her best as Cher, the fashion-forward, well-intentioned Beverly Hills high-schooler who created pop culture legend in 1995’s Clueless. But Alicia Silverstone is much more than a pretty face and Aerosmith video vixen — she’s also a dedicated mom, author, and vegan activist.

Her cookbook The Kind Diet earned a spot on the New York Times Best Seller list, and she’s the face behind the Kind Life online community. Her latest book, The Kind Mama, explores her foray into motherhood.

Silverstone is a champion of plant-based eating and compassionate living, and in support of those missions, she’ll visit Miami to host Seed Food and Wine Festival’s Vedge dinner with Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby Friday, October 17, at Tongue & Cheek in South Beach. (Tickets cost $100 for early birds and $125 in advance.) In anticipation of her appearance,New Times spoke with the star about what it means to live a kind life, her son Bear’s love for daikon, and how to deal with differing opinions.

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American Ninja Warrior: New Obstacles and New Hosts in Miami

Miami is a city with its fair share of badasses. Pain and Gain, hello! But bodybuilders, basketball players and bouncers are one thing — ninjas are a whole other category of awesome. There are few who make the grade.
And finding these select few is the purpose of the hit G4 TV show, American Ninja Warrior, which took over Bayfront Park this weekend to test the skill of some of the nation’s most talented athletes.

Here in Miami, Friday night was course-testing, and we stopped by Bayfront for a preview and a chat with Executive Producer Kent Weed, co-host Matt Iseman, and a few other members of the crew.

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Halle Berry & Morris Chestnut Interview

Sometimes, Mother Nature creates genetic specimens so perfect that “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?” isn’t a pick-up line; it’s just a valid question. Such is the case with Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and heartthrob Morris Chestnut in their newest flick,The Call.

The dazzling duo costars in the thriller with former child star Abigail Breslin (who is all grown up and running around in a bra, by the way). The flick’s plot revolves around a 911 operator who gets personally involved with a particular caller — one serious sicko who’s into young girls.

We scored a sneak peek at the high-intensity flick, and it fueled a 24-hour adrenaline rush. Afterward, we were graced with the presence of the talented twosome and got to grill them on parenthood, strong women, and 911 calls. See what they had to say. (Or just look at pictures of their epic perfection. Whatevs.)

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Arsenio Hall interview

For children of the ’90s, the terms Woof Woof Woof and dog pound have little to do with canines. Instead, they’re likely to bring back memories of flat tops, Bill Clinton sax solos, and first gen fist pumping. Lucky for all the nostalgia junkies, Celebrity Apprentice champion and one time Coming to America drag queen Arsenio Hall is bringing the party back to late night.

Cultist caught up with Arsenio at the Shore Club, where he made an appearance ahead of NATPE’s global television conference. And seriously, the dude hasn’t aged one damn day. We talked to the late-night legend on what’s different the second time around, his dream guest, and Bill Maher as the ultimate hard ass.

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Animal Planet pit bull coverage & Shorty Rossi interview

With shows like Pit Boss and Pit Bulls and Parolees as part of their programming, Animal Planet has done more than a little to showcase the work of pit bull rescuers and change misconceptions about the breed. And in their latest effort to promote these pups, the cable channel has packed their annual ode to cuteness — the Puppy Bowl — with mini versions of the much-maligned pooches.

This year’s utterly adorable starting lineup features two purebred pit bulls and four pit bull mixes out of a total of 31 pups. With those kind of numbers, they’re definitely making a statement.

But were the bowl to take place in Miami, these six fluffy balls of fur wouldn’t be allowed, thanks to Dade County’s 20-plus-year ban on pit bulls. Efforts to overturn the legislation failed in a ballot measure last year. Meanwhile, Miami-Dade is the only county in Florida with an active ban, and cities like Cincinnati have recently voted to overturn similar BSL.

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Captain Sig Hansen of Deadliest Catch interview

Captain Sig Hansen has dedicated his life to feeding the cravings of monied diners. As beloved captain of the Northwestern on Discovery’s mega-hit reality TV show, Deadliest Catch, Hansen risks his life in the waters of the Bering Sea each and every season to haul in high-priced king crab.

He’s seen frigid gales, 30-foot-swells and death at sea – all in the name of a good meal. But when he’s back on land and hanging with his family in Seattle, this dude (who may be the most down-to-earth person on cable TV) likes things simple.

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John Corbett interview for New Times’ Cultist blog

If you’re a woman who came of age sometime in the last 20 years, chances are the mere mention of John Corbett makes you swoon. For some, the name sparks fond memories of Chris Stevens in Northern Exposure; for others, it’s Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City. Either way, the hearts, they tend to throb.

And eight years after the final frame of Sex and the City faded away, he’s still wowing women with his salt & pepper beard and dulcet vocals. And he’s doing stuff for charity, to boot.

Cultist caught up with Corbett as he kicked off the Kiehl’s LifeRide for amFar, a nine-day celebrity motorcycle ride to benefit HIV/AIDS research. In the back room of Kiehl’s jam-packed Lincoln Road location, we chatted him up about motorcycles, female fans and the allure of made for TV movies.

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Restaurant preview for New Times’ Short Order blog

A Southern fried New York favorite is about to become the newest member of Mary Brickell’s culinary scene. Say “Welcome y’all” to Brother Jimmy’s, a wildly popular barbecue joint and bar with locations across the Big Apple and the Caribbean.

It’s been a NYC mainstay since 1989, with six locations across the city. Epitomized by the slogan, “Put Some South in Yo’ Mouth”, it serves up classic barbecue, potent cocktails and an often-rowdy all-American experience.

We spoke with founder James Goldman, a mega-fan of the Magic City. One of his favorite things about our city? “Miami women love their meat.” Indeed.

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Author interview for New Times’ Cultist blog

According to authorities, there’s a good chance that last week’s face-eating incident was the result of mind-altering drugs. (Just say no, kids.)

But according to the rest of us, it may signal the beginning of an inevitable threat Hollywood has warned us about for years: a zombie apocalypse. (Just ask The Miami zombie.)

Naturally, we’re all a little concerned that the undead may choose our sunny paradise as their next city of smorgasbord. After all, the heat is nice and lubricating for their stiff limbs.

So, in the interest of being prepared, we spoke to zombie expert Jonathan Maberry, author of Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead on how best to survive a zombie apocalypse. Y’know, just in case.

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