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Boatbound is Airbnb for Boats

Everyone knows Airbnb is the best thing since, well, smartphones. But because boats win over everything, Boatbound might be even better.

This peer-to-peer boat rental platform means you can live the proverbial Miami lifestyle without the upkeep costs. This relatively new startup allows you to rent a seaworthy craft anytime you want, no strings attached.

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The Minimalists: Five Ways to Be Happy With Less Stuff

Stuff. So much of our lives are spent wanting it, buying it, trying to keep it. We work 60-hour workweeks so we can fill our drawers and purses and closets and storage units and attics with stuff. We take pictures of our stuff to post on Instagram, spend weekends picking out more stuff to buy, talk about our stuff at cocktail parties.

Sure, we need some stuff. We need to eat stuff, use stuff, and wear stuff (in polite society, anyway). But how much stuff do we really need? And how much of our stuff actually brings value to our lives? That’s the question Ohioans Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus began asking themselves when, in their late 20s, they realized they were outwardly successful but inwardly miserable.

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Boozy Dad? Immature Dad? Deadbeat Dad? Here’s What to Get Him

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and it’s an obligatory holiday. One exception: If you’re a fetus whose dad has dubbed himself “Yeezus,” you have our permission to ignore the holiday from now until forever.

But for the rest of us, it’s time to start the mad scramble for a last-minute gift. This isn’t like Mother’s Day — cheap carnations and a brunch buffet aren’t gonna wow padre. So we put together a list of the best swag to get your pops, based on his defining characteristics.

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Halle Berry & Morris Chestnut Interview

Sometimes, Mother Nature creates genetic specimens so perfect that “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?” isn’t a pick-up line; it’s just a valid question. Such is the case with Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and heartthrob Morris Chestnut in their newest flick,The Call.

The dazzling duo costars in the thriller with former child star Abigail Breslin (who is all grown up and running around in a bra, by the way). The flick’s plot revolves around a 911 operator who gets personally involved with a particular caller — one serious sicko who’s into young girls.

We scored a sneak peek at the high-intensity flick, and it fueled a 24-hour adrenaline rush. Afterward, we were graced with the presence of the talented twosome and got to grill them on parenthood, strong women, and 911 calls. See what they had to say. (Or just look at pictures of their epic perfection. Whatevs.)

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South Beach Food and Wine Festival (SOBEWFF) Coverage

Grand Tasting Village: How to Navigate the SoBeWFF Big Event

The Whole Foods Grand Tasting Village is like the open bar at a wedding reception. It’s where everyone wants to be. And when 70,000 foodies gather en masse, you can bet your monthly food budget there’ll be plenty of action.

One previous year, for example, we saw Paula Deen ride Robert Irvine like a bucking bronco. And there have been plenty of other unforgettable, Instagram-worthy, LOL-inducing moments over the years. Plus, the food is unforgettable.

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Anne Burrell Talks Karaoke, Diamond Dishes, and Women in the Biz

Anne Burrell is the Food Network’s bubbly, blond ambassador of good times and great eats. A frequent face on the network, she’s taken turns on Iron Chef America and Best Thing I Ever Ate, hosted Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, and just kicked off season four of Worst Cooks in America and season two of Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell. Her second cookbook is set to be released later this year (her first was aNew York Times bestseller), and she’s participating in a whole host of events at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. She’s kind of a dynamo.

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SoBeWFF: Does the Glass Make a Difference When It Comes to Beer?

Mason jar, can, funnel: prevailing wisdom has generally dictated that almost any vessel is good enough for beer. But times they are a changin’. And as beer evolves from college dorm endeavor to serious palate pursuit – glassware is evolving right along with it.

Yesterday, Spiegelau hosted a seminar entitled, “Beer Tasting With Spiegelau: Does the Glass Make a Difference?” And after sitting through the 90-minute show and tell, we can honestly say — it totally does.

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SoBeWFF: Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson Drink PBR; Talk Tattoos, Runny Eggs and Christopher Walken

Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson might be the hottest culinary duo since bacon met the frying pan. And yesterday, the Taste stars took the stage together at the SoBeWFF.

Lounging on a couch, the two talked significant others, guilty pleasures and Christoper Walken. Oh, and drank beer. Seriously, PBR has never seemed so sexy.

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SoBeWFF: Stocking Your Home Bar With Tony Abou-Ganim

The party follows Tony Abou-Ganim. One hour with the modern mixologist, and we felt like we’d signed up for grown-up spring break. As he himself said, “it’s no coincidence negroni rhymes with Tony.”

And in fact, we learned more from yesterday’s “Stocking and Tending Your Home Bar” seminar than we did in four years of high school Spanish. Adult education at its best.

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SoBeWFF: With Enough Wine, You Too Can Cook Like Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine is kind of a bad ass. In addition to his buffed up bod (which we’ve been lucky enough to see shirtless at last year’s SoBeWFF), he’s got the vast array of knowledge to school many an amateur (and pro) chef. Last night, he was on hand to help sauced up cooks prepare pasta tableside.

Irvine took the helm at the Barilla interactive dinner at the iconic Biltmore Hotel, and tipsy attendees learned a lesson or two from theKitchen Impossible chef.

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Snarky questions for author Stephenie Meyer

For Twi-hards everywhere, there’s only one deity worth worshiping, and she’s a brown-haired, Mormon mother of three from Hartford, Connecticut. We’re speaking, of course, of Stephanie Meyer, New York Timesbestselling author and instigator of the biggest mass psychosis since the re-election of George W. Bush.

Meyer, unarguably one of the world’s most famous writers, is making an appearance atBooks & Books in Coral Gables on Tuesday, February 19. And for members of Team Edward and Team Jacob, she’ll be signing copies of her books and making tween dreams come true.

Twi-hards we are not. But we do have ten pressing questions for the woman who single-handedly hijacked pop culture for the past four years (at least). So for those who plan to brave the fandom, we’ve put together a handy list of things to say to the wordsmith herself.

10. You realize the dream dude you manifested for pre-pubescent girls is totally a pedophile, right?
A 109-year-old undead man watching a 17-year-old sleep, stalking her, seducing her, then wrecking her womb with his freakish baby is wrong on more levels than we can possibly address. Then, a buff, sexually-virile werewolf falls in love with a baby. We’re seeing a pattern here.

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Ringling Brothers abuse investigation

For decades, the nation’s largest animal rights organizations have been fighting ferociously to stop circuses from utilizing wild animals in their performances. From PETA to the ASPCA to ARFF, these groups argue that such practices are abusive, unnatural and antiquated.

But for the profiteers, the show must go on, and the biggest target of these group’s efforts,Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, opened in Miami this week. At last night’s debut, protesters planned to greet big top guests with leaflets, graphic images and pleas to take their dollars elsewhere. But what are the facts behind the accusations against “The Greatest Show on Earth” and other circuses like them?

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Art Basel fair guide – cover story for Miami New Times

Art Basel may be ground zero for jet setters looking to snap up another Picasso, but for the true art fanatic, the real draw this week lies far from the Miami Beach Convention Center — in the ever-expanding roster of satellite fairs.

The 22 satellite exhibits, from North Beach to Wynwood and midtown to downtown, are bringing sexting experiments, sound meditation sessions, and “art cops” armed and ready to regulate the uncouth masses.

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Best vegetarian sandwiches for New Times’ Short Order blog

Sandwich options for the meatless among us are sadly lackluster. Grilled cheese, PB&J, BLT minus the B? We’re missing the creativity, the oomph – the drive for tantalizing flavor combos you find in meatier selections.

Luckily, even in meat-crazy Miami, the vegetarian choices are expanding as we speak. And there are several sammie shops across the MIA that offer options so scrumptious you won’t even miss the meat.

On that note, here are our five favorite vegetarian sandwich options. Eat up, herbivores.

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Dining list for New Times’ Short Order blog

Bottomless booze is a beautiful thing. And nothing says Sunday morning hangover cure like free-flowing bubbles (or bloodies). Lucky for the lush among us, there are lots of Miami brunch spots offering weekend libations to soothe that queasy stomach and bring back that pleasant buzz.

So next time Saturday night’s festivities leave you a little worse for the wear, here’s a lineup of eateries where you can get your day drinking on. Cheers.

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