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Embroidery Meets Intersectionality for Miami Artist Nadia Wolff

Born to Haitian parents and raised in Miami’s melting pot, 18-year-old artist Nadia Wolff has come of age in a cultural milieu. Her unique experience and identity have informed her powerful, personal work, which concentrates on self-portraiture through embroidery, painting, and poetry.

“I try to make work that examines the intersections of class, race, sexuality, and religion in shaping my particular culture,” she explains. “Miami is a hub of different, almost disparate cultures, and I’m also a reflection of that.”

In the city’s multiculturalism, she sees many contradictions. “I think it’s a place where you can see yourself reflected and also not reflected. It’s both odd to be different and completely mundane because there are so many diverse perspectives here.”

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Best of Miami winner

Thanks to a million and one rom-coms, ice skating holds a special place in popular culture. From Blades of Glory to Serendipity, countless flicks have immortalized the ice cold charm of a skating rink and the charismatic appeal of a lumbering Zamboni. Sadly, Miami doesn’t have a Rockefeller Center, a frozen pond or a college ice hockey rink. We do, however have Kendall Ice Arena. The neighborhood rink, a local fixture since 2000, offers open skating every night (hours vary), so you can bring a Tindr match anytime for charming-yet-dirt-cheap date option. Admission usually runs $8, plus $3 for a skate rental, which is less than a drink at most Miami Beach bars. 

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There’s a Miami Version of Cards Against Humanity and You Can Submit Ideas

Cards Against Humanity is arguably the best game in the history of ever. It puts Monopoly, Pictionary, and even Scrabble to shame. A crass, pop-culture-inspired laugh riot, it’s the ultimate bonding experience for friends and strangers alike.

And now there’s a version that’s all about Miami. The folks at the New Tropic have developed Miami Against Humanity, adapting the famous game to the Magic City’s unique charms and epic fails. The game is part of the group’s Bar Games series, and everyone can play March 24 at R House Wynwood.

“My colleague Rebekah [Monson] had the idea one day when she had just finished playing Cards Against Humanity,” says the New Tropic’s Chris Sopher. “She thought, How can we do something cool and local that would be a fun experience for people?

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The Ten Most Romantic Spots in Miami

February is romance month in Miami, which means you’re (a) superstoked for weeks of canoodling time, (b) about to sink into a monthlong bout of depression, or (c) hoping Tinder will come through (for once) and find you someone, anyone.

For those of you in the first and last camps, we’ve rounded up a list of Miami’s most romantic places so you can impress the hell out of your S.O. (or whoever swipes right for you).

10. Miami Marine Stadium
OK, so this graffiti-covered waterfront landmark isn’t open to the public, but that’s part of what makes it über-romantic. There’s something supersexy about sneaking around (even if it’s just the perimeter). With epic views, oodles of dark corners, and plenty of spots to scrawl Me + You = Love 4Eva, it’s an amazing spot for a spontaneous snuggle. Just be cautious, because getting arrested would ruin the moment.

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Get Your Groove On: Bay Skate Comes To Bayfront Park

Break out those Rollerblades, or even your old-school, four-wheeled lace-ups: the long awaited roller rink takeover of Bayfront Park makes its debut on February 26.

Known as Bay Skate, the project won the Miami Foundation’s Public Space Challenge last year, and the plan is to wow Miamians with an evening of skating, celebrities, funky tunes, food, drinks, and nonstop throwbacks.

Marcos Macias is bringing the project to fruition with the help of his brother Alex and the rest of the team at Macias Advertising, plus a whole host of other partners and participants.

Originally, the idea was to recreate the Monday night skate scene at Miami’s famous Hot Wheels roller rink. They moved the day to Thursday, however, to draw a bigger crowd.

The plan is to set up a rink surrounding Bayfront Park’s Pepper Fountain.

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Pearl Paint Art Supply Store Recreated in Wynwood

If you were a kid with an affinity for anything artistic, you definitely visited a Pearl Paint Art Supply Store. Heck, you could have even bought watercolors or a brush at the South Miami location as recently as a few months ago. But like library card catalogs and VCRs, Pearl is now a relic that today’s kiddos will never experience. The chain went into bankruptcy, and shuttered its last location–the flagship in Fort Lauderdale — in August of this year.

Rather than let the store’s lengthy history go gently into that good night, Barry Fellman of the Center for Visual Communication decided to rage, rage against the dying the of light. Fellman bought the store’s stock and has recreated the Pearl experience in his gallery space, just in time for Basel revelers.

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U-Doodle Wants To Bring Miamians Together Through Doodling

Whether you were a sketcher of ligers a la Napoleon Dynamite or the Picasso of, ahem, man parts like Superbad’s Seth, it’s likely you were into some kind of doodling back in the day. And while all kids are artists, as adults, artistic expression tends to go out the window with recess and training bras.

Grown-ups, however, long for a creative outlet (and a sense of connection) as much as kiddos — a need Miami-based non-profit U-Doodle has seen firsthand. Created by two former UM students, the group is bringing doodling back in a big way.

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Miami Architectural Icons: The Adrienne Arsht Center

For drivers in a dizzying dash to and from the shores of South Beach via I-395, the Adrienne Arsht Center stands in greeting like the steely exoskeleton of some futuristic beast.

Dreamed up by illustrious Latin American architect Cesar Pelli, the structure is Miami’s past, present and future, all wrapped into one gloriously unusual, sweeping complex. Much like the city’s bombastic personality, its 570,000 square feet of glass and stone and sprawling space is impossible to miss – both superficially and as a symbolic reminder of who we really are.

We’re Miamians. Subtlety is not in our Spanglish.

Spanning two city blocks and a good chunk of lower-level skyline, the Arsht Center is a venue, a meeting place, a landmark, a classroom, and an ode to the city’s often overlooked commitment to culture. It’s as anomalous as Miami itself.

On one hand, its sloping domes, glassy facades, and street-straddling pedestrian bridge echo modernity and progress. On the other, the seemingly out of place Carnival Tower and its off-white art deco charm are a throwback to the past.

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Thirty Instagrammers to Meet Gloria Estefan, Explore Miami Marine Stadium This Saturday

Miami is a photogenic lass. From ocean to sky to swaying palms, it’s hard to take a bad picture of our tropical paradise. And the graffitied, weather-worn charm of Key Biscayne’s Marine Stadium, in particular, is an Instagrammer’s wet dream.

This weekend, 30 lucky photo fiends have been granted all-access passes to Miami’s historic landmark to shoot, filter and share as they see fit. They’ll get to meet all-star stadium advocate Gloria Estefan, watch nine renowned street artists create mural masterpieces and meet the stadium’s architect, Hilario Candela. And while you can’t join them in person, you can follow the fun on Instagram.

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Into the Groove (and The Grove)

Once upon a time, before Chili’s and Starbucks, Coconut Grove was an artist’s parish, where the free-spirited danced, painted, and played their days away. Now the population is much more likely to make harried commutes to Brickell in their BMWs, but we digress. Twice a year, the shaded enclave reclaims its artistic roots when musicians take to the streets to celebrate music, peace, and all things summer at Fête de la Musique.

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