About Hannah

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A master of the written word, Hannah Sentenac makes copy pop.

Be it a feature piece or an executive bio, she banishes boring prose to the rubbish bin where it belongs.

From newsroom journalist to marketing copywriter to blogger extraordinaire, Hannah’s been around the editorial block.

She’s interviewed celebs, written viral gems, launched heralded blogs, crafted award-winning copy and spun creative tales for clients and publications large and small.

If you’ve got a writing need, Hannah Sentenac can help. She’ll cure reader ADD and keep your audience engaged.

Hannah is available for travel, and thanks to the wonders of technology she can work remotely despite distance.

This website serves as a gateway to Hannah’s brilliance, so peruse away. (Modesty is overrated, right?)

In the end, her writing speaks for itself, so if you like it – hire her. And if not – well heck, not everyone was into Hemingway, either.